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            Plastic Pipe-Tube Protection
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            Plastic Pipe-Tube Protection >> Pipe End Cap

            Flexible Pipe End Cap is easy to use, and will not crack and breakage.Even in bad weather, wet and chemical environment, but also has a superior performance.

            Using conventional injection molding process, there are thousands of colors and size selectable, the wall thickness, hardness, and internal length and surface structure can be changed as required.

            Product Features:
            1, low cost
            2, used in threaded or non-threaded pipe fittings
            3, excellent performance
            4, insulation

            Main applications:
            1, tube, rod transport protection
            2, the threaded protection
            3, decorative

            Material: Standard material is low density polyethylene, can be customized.

            Color: Standard color: blue, can be customized.

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